Dominik Guehrs and friends in Thailand

Farangs in T-Hai-Land – Visiting a Wakeboarding Pro in his Off-Season Training

Close2Target decided to visit Dominik Guehrs during his off-season wakeboard training in Thailand. His brother, Florian, was also in the need of some days off and had joined the trip. Besides a lot of wakeboarding action which was filmed and published in another series of videos about Dominik Guehrs some time ago, we’d collected loads of funny material on our private sightseeing trips in Thailand. We stayed two weeks in Bangkok and one week in Phuket. There was almost no day ending whitout a prank on one of us. This vacation was hilarious and I had tears in my eyes from loughing while editing this video. It was an unforgettable time. This is your chance to get a glance into a wakeboard professional’s private life and enjoy the beauty of Thailand of course.

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