Lost In Fiction - DatA - Don't Sing feat. Benny Sings

Let’s Get Lost In Fiction – Mixing Unreality With Reality

This is actually an official music video from the band DatA. Although their track “Don’t Sing” is awesome you should concentrate your focus on their video clip. It illustrates people’s thoughts within a neighborhood by mixing unreal with real.  It’s both entertaining and curious at the same time. And it somehow matches with the world we are living in. Please […]

California Trippin by Steffen Vollert

California Trippin – A Travel Report

This travel report by Steffen Vollert is a blast. He made a trip through California with his buddy Felix Georgii. They’d visited all important sights you have to see and followed their passion for board sports. They did snowboarding, surfing, longboarding, skateboarding and of course wakeboarding. Unfortunately when you do board sports you live with the risk […]