Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities – Flashback For Gamers

This one is bloody brutal and for adults only! It’s a film full of stuntman action and special effects. The directors from RackaRacka had tried to put a scene from the martial arts video game Mortal Kombat into reality. If you’ve ever played this game you might imagine what follows. Martial arts from another planet combined with blood showers and […]

Luan Oliveira at SLS 2015 Stop 2 in New Jersey

SLS Stop 2 New Jersey – 360 Kickflip Noseslide Bigspin Out For The Win

Street League Skateboarding is one of the most thrilling action sport events these days, goosebumps guaranteed. Skateboarding’s professional league holds the best skateboarders in the world showing the highest level of skateboarding in ideal park environments. But just when we had thought this sport found its dominating ledend and slowed down momentum an unexpected talent sneaking in to set new levels. Who […]