Frederic von Osten pushing limits

FREDERIC VON OSTEN is Pushing Limits – New Trick Flavoooooor Flame

Fred was liable to his compulsion to be the first one who lands the Double-S-Bend BS 360 in wakeboarding. Well, that’s a tough one. After sevral bails at his home cable he finally managed to do so on May 25th 2015. Congrats bro! Besides enjoying popularity by the scene he has the honor to give this trick a Name – Flavor Flame is born. Check […]

Waternauts Video

WATERNAUTS – Trailer is on!

The teaser of the Waternauts project is on and holds a lot of promise for the full video. The story makers, Deniz Klarer and Fabian Oelbaum, did a good job in introducing the Waternauts as you can see in the teaser. The riders Alex Aulbach, Marco Gradl, Nico Kauzner and Fabi Ölbaum whose home cable is the Wakelake in Woerth, […]