Namibia 4x4 Offroad Tour

Selfdriving Tour Through Namibia – Explore Wildlife & Country by Yourself – Part 1

Namibia is an awesome country to watch wildlife in its natural environment. Its flaura and founa has a lot to offer. And with the right vehicle it’s fun to explore it. Offroad enthusiats will definitely get their money’s worth. Watch Close2Target’s tour video to collect some inspiration for your next trip. Please follow and like […]

Dominik Guehrs and friends in Thailand

Farangs in T-Hai-Land – Visiting a Wakeboarding Pro in his Off-Season Training

Close2Target decided to visit Dominik Guehrs during his off-season wakeboard training in Thailand. His brother, Florian, was also in the need of some days off and had joined the trip. Besides a lot of wakeboarding action which was filmed and published in another series of videos about Dominik Guehrs some time ago, we’d collected loads […]

Northbound - Skateboarding On Frozen Sand

Skateboarding On Frozen Sand – One Of The Most Incredible Things Ever Seen

Sand is used to be skateboarding’s enemy since the sport was born. It’s the bearings devil and it gets your pain in the ass when falling. But this opinion will change instantly when watching this movie. The four urban skaters Hermann Stene, Didrik Galasso, Henrik Lund and Karsten Kleppan headed to the northshore of Norway to show that sandy […]